Animals at my house, first:

zoo! 001

I never get tired of these because its totally real! Kittens invading my house!

Not quite like the zoo, but I’ll get to that.


zoo! 004

zoo! 005

My cat was jealous! You can see him hiding in the bushes!

zoo! 007

That’s not the zoo though.

Here is where the wild animals live!

zoo! 001

Meerkat mansion, but for real.

zoo! 002


zoo! 003

Double cute.

Bear time?

zoo! 005


zoo! 006

This is the good picture! The next is the bad one but it’s my fault!

zoo! 007

Stupid flash.

Wanna see a hippo?

zoo! 009


Now it is cat time.

Did I tell you that I have a whole story about the zoo? I do, but you have to ask me about it. Here are the cats.

zoo! 012

zoo! 011

So much bigger than the kittens that come round my house!

zoo! 015

This is a sleeping snow leopard. It’s Alice’s favorite animal!

zoo! 018

This one was awake but he was hiding behind some rocks.

What’s next?!

zoo! 019

Sleeping tortoises. They are fucking huge.

zoo! 021

Wolves of some sort. Moaning wolves? Howling wolves? I forget.

zoo! 023

They were huge too.

zoo! 025

More torties!

zoo! 026

zoo! 027

zoo! 029

Fat motherfuckers!

Looked right at us.

zoo! 030

We went back to the wolves!


zoo! 032

They look more like giant foxes that fucked some hyenas.


zoo! 035


zoo! 036

They were louder than you would ever think an animal could be.

zoo! 038

hmm. Monkey time?


zoo! 041

or: whatever this is.

zoo! 044 

and: ZEBRAS!

zoo! 046

zoo! 048

And rams or something!

zoo! 051

And then these ancient looking things:

zoo! 053

zoo! 058

zoo! 059

Remember! Don’t feed the animals!?!!?!!!1

zoo! 061



zoo! 063 zoo! 064

These are some big fucking cats.

zoo! 067

zoo! 071

Giraffe time!

zoo! 075zoo! 076zoo! 077



Now for some apes.

zoo! 086

zoo! 080

Crazy uncles.

zoo! 087

zoo! 090

Crazy tails!

zoo! 092 


zoo! 107 



zoo! 110

zoo! 112

zoo! 114

I leave you with images of God, who created the Zoo on his Seventh Day:

zoo! 120

zoo! 121

zoo! 122

Don’t forget the class struggle. We are the zoo.